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Artspace Galleries presents los enmascarados, an installation by Adrian Sierra with Valeria Cetraro.

12 October 2009 – 12 November 2009

Architect and multidisciplinary artist Adrian Sierra retains structural ? in his performance-based installations, photography, and film. Parallel to architecture, Sierra’s work ventures into vast territories of exploration using the body to reinterpret form and space.

Sierra’s multidisciplinary approach is exemplified in F x D, a performance art project realized in LA in 2005. F x D, from the formula force x distance = work, is based on repetitive, simple geometric patterns developed from the artist’s preoccupation with architecture. The geometric system, becoming increasingly complex over time, is the plan for a performance and to a simple structural beginning is added costume, make-up, video, music, movement and direction to create a “hyper-active,” a multi-sensory experience. The spectacle interacts with the spectators, disrupting the original pattern and leading to a display, which becomes progressively disorganized and amorphous.

los enmascarados plays on architectural principles in a different way. It challenges the functionality of space – usually an architect’s main concern – by exploring the body’s interactions with its architectural surroundings. Like F x D, los enmascarados is a performance based on evolution. Working with two different performers (one female, one male) in two different locations (LA and Paris), Sierra sets up a performance space for his models. He works with them in a sort of free form choreography, taking inspiration from them and their reactions to the space. Rather than imposing particular poses or compositions, the photographs are the result of an organic evolution of the interaction between body, architecture and photographer. The mask too was a spontaneous development – a simple prop brought along by the performer, which gives the photos a new dimension. In contradiction to the up front nudity of the models the mask creates a screen between the subject and the spectator, creating a tension between intimacy and estrangement.

The installation of los enmascarados includes text by Valeria Cetraro, which plays on these contradictions. Also an architect, Cetraro has always nurtured her interest in visual arts and written expression. Her poetic interpretation of los enmascarados wants to articulate some of the ambiguous qualities in the photographs without ascribing a fixed reading. The photographs remain open to interpretation.

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Text: Caroline Rossiter