We still have a few spaces available for the following project. If you are interested, please reply as soon as possible.

A three week exposition as workshop curated by Amber Lauletta in collaboration with Philip Tonda at TPTProject space in Paris Montmartre to begin
14 November.

We are Looking for multi-disciplinary artists who in their art practice find reflection as important as creation, and who are interested in exploring the relation between ideas and practice.

“Residue; a small amount of something that remains after the main part has gone”

The over arching theme, Residue, will be explored as a result of discussions lead by participants and guest lectures during the weekend workshops (Saturday and Sunday). The reflection and visual research that come out of this will be the traces that compose the exposition (Monday to Friday). The exposition will take a different shape each week as a result of the findings of each workshop.

With this project we are interested in exploring the process between theory and practice. How our intangible discussions and relationships can form something tangible and how to handle them once they take form as material.

The project also wants to investigate the relationship between private and public. Once a week each participant will be responsible for choosing his own work to be exhibited and therefore decide his own limit between the private creation and the public viewing.

Topics of discussion will include Ephemeral, Action, Experience/experiential, Ownership Independence, Selling, Funding, and Collectors.

Nov 21 lecteurs: Public Space With a Roof

Workshop fee of 75€ covers the1 month project which includes exposition, workshop, guest lectures and one weekly dinner.

To apply: Email Amber Lauletta with CV + works [photos or link] + small letter of interest to